In February of 2004, Chris Andrews took eight years worth of Chrysler dealership experience with him when he left Colorado Chrysler/Jeep. For Chris, nothing but positive would come from starting his own business. Mopar blood has always been in the Andrews family, just look in their driveways and garages. "I've always been involved with repairing cars to some degree, but racing is my passion." stated Chris.

Andrews Racing Transmissions, Inc. (A-R-T) has expanded it's business into a larger shop to better serve customers. Throw A-R-T Automotive Repair into the mix also, which offers bumper-to-bumper repair and service on all makes and models. Andrews, now a 10 year ASE certified Master Technician boasts "We can fix any vehicle that comes into my shop, we take pride in our work, and perform the repair correct the first time."

At A-R-T we provide our customers with quality racing transmissions and components. The business was created on offering quality racing transmissions and components at a reasonable price. Don't confuse the word reasonable with cheap. Some racers will spend TWICE the amount before realizing they should have purchased quality transmission parts in the FIRST place. Why risk spending double, and having to do the job twice? Although it may seem harsh, Chris prefers to use the term "you get what you pay for."

Feel free to contact Chris directly via e-mail, or by calling (303) 660-0522.

Good luck, be safe ... and see you at the races!


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